Power in Symbolism

It's a good feeling to know what the images on your clothes actually mean - or if they mean anything at all. Each image that can be seen on our clothing was created with thought, symbolism and a deeper message.  

Gregory Joyce Website Collection (Final)-24.jpg
Gregory Joyce Website Collection (Unedited)-17.jpg

Freedoms Tears

As the design that founded the line, the "hands up don't shoot!" represents police brutality. The chains represent how the prison industrial complex is the modern-day version of slavery. Lastly, the tears represent the blood shed for minorities, not just in the United States but world-wide. 

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Mother's Tears

This image represents being a minority in a predominately white society - in other words, what it's like to be a minority in the US and worldwide. Shown over white, the hair represents the struggles of trying to show and embrace our heritage through kinky/curly hair, while representing ourselves. the chains are symbolic of mental slavery. 

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Nation's Tears

Shown over black, this design was created to represent royalty with it's gold design. The Ankh is symbolic for African spiritualism and life. The underlying message is to show how we still walk as Kings and Queens with the burdens that we bare.