Meet Gregory Joyce II, CEO and founder of Provok Clothing, Cleveland native and student at Kent State University. In the spring of 2018 he established what is now known as Provok Clothing. “Live Provo(k)atively as possible but as positive as positive as possible” This concept resonates with many throughout the northeast Ohio area, with the likings of public figures and celebrities nationally. From the 12 year old elementary school student to the 60 year old retiree, Provok is a lifestyle, #LiveProvok.

When Provok was first established the brand originally used the clothing line to display simple yet powerful symbolism to represent the world-wide minority struggle, which was intensified with police brutality. The images were thoughtfully created to embody hope, freedom, and liberation for the minority community ultimately world-wide.

As the brand has continued to grow we have began to use our platform to empower, educate and inspire through our social media platforms.

Although Provok was not established until February of 2018, the company began to take form in September of 2017. Upon Provok’s initial releases in February the brand went viral and was reposted by The Shaderoom (TSR). Provok then began a college tour, and participated in fashions shows, student events, and programs across 8 universities. The brand has been supported by social media influencers, music artists, entertainers and athletes alike.


2018 College Tour


John Carroll University

University Heights, OH


University of Toledo

Toledo, OH


Meherry Medical College

Nashville, TN


Ohio University

Athens, OH


Miami University

Oxford, OH


The Ohio State University

Columbus, OH


During the summer of 2018 Provok participated in “I’m a survivor” program, which was a community event to bring awareness to disparities among the minority community in Cleveland, Ohio.


Provok was nothing more then a figment of our imagination. The original imagery of the brand was nothing more then an artistic representation of what we felt it meant to be a minority of America. The brand has become bigger than just a clothing line, and more of a movement to be provocative. Not in a negative way to but with one of positivity.

Photo Sep 22, 4 23 59 AM.jpg

Live your life as provocative as possible knowing that you create the world you see, in order to change the world we must first change ourselves. #LiveProvok