“Be the Change Campaign”

March 4 - July 13

Over the course of this past year Provok has been able to grow tremendously thanks to the support of college students in the Ohio area as well as support from social media influencers, athletes and entertainers. Provok started as nothing more then an idea from the imagination that grew to become something more. We realize now that our brand transcends more then clothing and appeal but it was able to touch the hearts of adults and adolescents alike. This is why Provok is launching its “Be the Change” campaign. We started our brand in Cleveland so we believe that Cleveland is the first place we need to give back to. We’re partnering with the boys and girls club of Cleveland to bring change to the very communities that allowed us to grow. From March 4 until July 13 we will run our “Be the Change” campaign. We are selling apparel with our “Be the Change Logo” and all the proceeds from this apparel will be donated to the boys and girls club of Cleveland.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland is a nonprofit organization that provides safe, fun places for the kids who need guidance in the urban city of Cleveland. Provok’s “Be the Change” campaign speaks specifically to Provoks’ underlying meaning of using provocative thought to change the way we think, Thinking provocative but as positive as possible.

Provok is dedicated to bringing together the Cleveland community by directly investing into the underprivileged youth. We know with so much going on in the world today it may seem impossible to make any difference. However if everyone decided to be the change he or she wanted to see the world would be a better place.  Over the course of the next few months Provok will be participating in community service and outreach events. The culmination of this campaign will be a fashion show at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) July 20, 2019 that will highlight local designers and models in the greater Cleveland area and surrounding colleges.